German - English Translation

A man who knows two languages is worth two men.

...variously attributed to French proverb, Charlemagne and Samuel Johnson

Translation media have changed a great deal since this observation was first made.
Quill pens, sepia ink and parchment have yielded to computers and CAT programs;
Internet research has supplanted physical dictionaries and libraries. Nonetheless,
the translator's central role is the same: conveying  meaning from one language to
another without loss of content, in a style appropriate to specific communication need
and intended audience.

Modern communication has joined other pragmatics to a time-honored task. Delivery
under time constraints, preserving corporate identity and reducing communications
costs; the increasing pace of information exchange and competitive nature of global
business operation places additional demand on  both the translator and his or her

In order to meet these contingencies, my office is equipped with the most up-to-date
translation technologies. Nonetheless, I never lose sight of translation's traditional
role - lowering the hurdles between languages. Thus, accuracy and style remain my
core concerns. Maintaining low operating overheads so you enjoy competitive prices
is a given. At every step of the translation process, maintaining
your identity and
communication goals are paramount.

Whether you have a one-shot project or are seeking a longer term working
relationship with a uniquely qualified translator, I am pleased to respond to your every